Self-Support Groups

safe space for meetings, discussions and support


safe space for LGBTI youth

If you are aged between 14 and 29, belong to the LGBTIQ+ community and want to become part of an inspiring and inclusive community, BraveLab is the right place for you!

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Queer Femme

self-support group for LBT women

From the Fall of 2018 Bilitis launched a self-support group for LBT women. At the moment there is no safe space for LBT women to discuss important topics, that are free of sexism, homo-, bi- and transphobia, and other types of oppression. The purpose of the group is to empower and unite the queer women community in Sofia.

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Trans Activists Group

Bilitis has been supporting the informal Trans Activists Group (TIA) for consolidating and holding regular live meetings since 2017.


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Self-support group for bi+ people

BInonymous – a self-support group for bi+ people, was created in December 2019 after a thematic workshop was held as part of the 15th edition of Sofia LGBTI Community Fest. BInonymous is a space for bi and bi-curious people as well as everyone who feels a part of the bi+ community.


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