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Executive Director

Lilly has 15 years of experience in non-formal education as a volunteer, a youth worker and a trainer in several non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria. She has 5 years of experience as a social researcher and analyst and her research focus includes migration, integration, education, citizenship, gender studies and LGBTI rights. Lilly is passionate about social justice, youth empowerment and civic education.
In 2018, Lilly undertook the position of Coordinator of Sofia Pride – the biggest human rights event in Bulgaria. Furthermore, she is the coordinator for Sofia Pride Sports – series of sports events preceding Sofia Pride, which Bilitis introduced for the first time as part of the program of Sofia Pride 2018.
Since September 2018, Lilly is also Regional Director for Region 15 and Board Member at InterPride – world’s Pride organizers association, and since September 2019 she is also Secretary of the Board of Directors of the European Pride Organizers Association (EPOA).
Lilly holds a BA in Indian Studies (2013) and a BA in Political Science (2015) from Sofia University and MA in Sociology (Social Studies and Analyses, 2017) from UNWE.

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Co-chair, Administrative Manager

Pol Naidenov is the first openly intersex activist in Bulgaria. Founder and member of Bilitis and T.I.A. (Trans, intersex and allies). Founder and Board Member at Organisation Intersex International – OII-Europe.

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gloria 2 snimka

Project Manager

Gloriya Filipova is a LGBTI and women’s rights activist who joined the queer movement in Bulgaria in 2014 as a volunteer at Billitis Foundation and a member of the non-formal LGBT HHH collective. She joined Bilitis Foundation’s team in 2015 and has worked on various projects focused on community organizing and combating anti-LGBTI hate crimes. She works on grassroots level and is involved in the organization of many large public events and protests related to LGBTI and women’s rights. She is one of the founders of the Students Society for Equality at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ” where she graduated in Philosophy with a final thesis focusing on French poststructuralist feminism.

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Activities Coordinator

Boryana gets introduced to activism for the first time in the early 2018, when she gets actively involved with BraveLab – the, at the time, newly founded self-help group for LGBTI+ youth. Since then she has become an inseparable part of the LGBTI+ center Rainbow Hub by helping both as an activist as well as a volunteer regarding various projects and events, held by the bulgarian LGBTI+ organisations. Since starting as a volunteer back in 2018 Boryana has been an integral part of Sofia Pride’s ,,Communication and Social Relations”-team and thus working her way deeper into the activist’s life.

The summer of 2019 was when she officially became a part of Billitis. As an active part of the organisation’s team she is currently working on many international projects as well as getting involved with a lot of social activities and events, regarding relevant LGBTI+topics such as LGBTI+ rights, education, culture and sports.

On the side Boryana is currently finishing her masters degree in Slavic studies in Sofia University. Her personal interests in the fields of non-formal education as well as psychology and the arts give her a unique perspective in her work as an LGBTI+ youth activist.

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Manuela POPOVA
Communications Manager

Manuela is an active volunteer in various projects and initiatives for the past 10 years. She has studied Public Relations at New Bulgarian University and has several years of experience in digital communications and marketing. She became part of the Billitis’ team in April 2020 as a communications manager. The causes she supports are mainly feminism and LGBTI rights and is also a certified youth exchange leader. She is the recipient of the special prize “Inspiration of the Year” awarded by the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee for her project aimed at breaking down the stereotypes in the society “No offence but …”

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Miroslava MANAVSKA
Sports Coordinator

Miroslava is into sports since early childhood. Her love for athletics was born in primary school but the actual falling into sports was when she entered the school volleyball team. Since then, wherever her path took her, the passion for sport/volleyball was always there.

In 2018, Miroslava engaged fully as a volunteer Sport coordinator for Bilitis and together with the staff, developed Sofia Pride Sports – a sport program around the annual Sofia Pride. She also initiated all year round sport events for the community. In addition, Miroslava is dealing with the international sport projects of Bilitis in the area of LGBTI rights and community building.

Her interest also lies in holistic health, informal education and psychology which she implies where possible in the volunteer work.

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Martina Georgieva

Project Coordinator

Martina has been a social activist since 2014, being a member of FAR: Association for Democratic Education and Youth Multiplier. She is a part of the Students in Action Association and its chairman since 2018, working to raise the level of education of young people and improve the social conditions of students. Since December 2020 she has been part of the Bilitis team and participates in the CHOICE project and the Live Without Bullying platform. Martina is studying marketing at the New Bulgarian University.

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