Integration at a New Workplace

With this project “KliQ vzw” aims to improve the situation of all LGBT people – and by extension gender nonconforming people – in the labor market. The project focuses on the first stage of integration in the workplace (1st year). To achieve this objective, “KliQ vzw” wants to increase the expertise and sensitivity of the regular labor market players who are responsible for the transition to and the integration and well-being in the workplace.

Project workstreams: mapping of best practices of LGBTIQ integration in the workplace in the partner countries; analysis and technical expertise increase; development of methodology, including new tools for employers; testing of the new tools in different country contexts; dissemination.

Leading Organization: KliQ, Belgium

Partners: Bilitis Resource Center (Bulgaria), Cavaria (Belgium), Prague Pride (Czech Republic), Workplace Pride (Netherlands), Prout at work and Unicorns in Tech (Global)