Rainbow Over Hate

The main objective of the Rainbow Over Hate project funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme is to enhance the capacity of professionals working with victims of anti-LGBTI hate crimes. The project envisages an evaluation of the implementation of the European Directive on the Rights of Victims of Crime (Directive 2012/29 / EU) and the development of a document with recommendations for its transposition in view of the needs of LGBTI people in Bulgaria. On the national level, the project also aims to raise awareness among the LGBTI community about the consequences of homophobic and transphobic hate crimes, and to generate support for changing legislation on this type of crimes.


  • Evaluation of the implementation of Directive 2012/29 / EU in Bulgaria, which will include the study and preparation of a report with conclusions and recommendations for possible improvements and legal changes. A handbook about the process of evaluating the implementation of the Directive will also be published.
  • Both national and regional trainings for professionals on dealing with victims of anti-LGBTI hate crime are planned.
  • A campaign will be conducted among the LGBTI community and the general public to disseminate information on anti-LGBTI hate crime. Through information meetings with LGBTI people, the community will be encouraged to report this type of abuse, and within a roundtable and international conference, experts in the field will discuss the issue of anti-LGBTI hate crime and possible ways of dealing with them.
  • A series of meetings and events will focus on building trust and partnership between law enforcement, prosecutors and LGBTI activists, which will form the basis of future collaborative work to tackle anti-LGBTI hate crime.


Duration of the project:

24 months (July 2019 – June 2021)




Bilitis Resource Center Foundation

GLAS Foundation

LGBT Youth Organization Deystvie