A pilot project aimed at reducing inequalities in access to health services encountered by LGBTI people. Bilitis was appointed by ILGA Europe to conduct a study and pilot test training for healthcare professionals to work with a LGBTI patients.

● To gain a better understanding of the specific difficulties faced by LGBTI people in accessing health services.
● To achieve a better understanding of the barriers encountered by healthcare professionals in working with LGBTI people (including health encouragement and mental health services).
● Raising awareness among health professionals about the needs of LGBTI people and providing professionals with specific tools that guarantee the right skills and knowledge to overcome these barriers.

● Literature review to identify the roots of health inequalities encountered by LGBTI people.
● Focus groups to explore barriers encountered by both LGBTI people and health professionals in accessing health services. In Bulgaria was held one focus group with LGBTI people and one with health professionals.
● Development of training modules for health professionals, based on the conducted research. The main purpose of the modules is to increase the knowledge, attitudes and skills of the participants to apply when working with LGBTI patients.
● Pilot testing of training modules in European Union countries, including Bulgaria. Based on the pilot testing, the modules have been refined and finalized. The final product is available for free here:
● Dissemination and Final Conference Through the use of non-formal education methodologies, conference participants will feel empowered and able to: 1) use the training modules themselves in their countries; 2) become advocates of the training among their colleagues.