The campaign raised awareness among MEP candidates and their respective political parties of the need to reinforce the human rights, equality and non-discrimination agenda in the European Parliament and to advocate actively for such reinforcement on a domestic political level. It disseminated a citizen appeal to political parties and all candidate MEPs to conduct an election campaign in which MEP candidates set out a clear vision on issues related to promoting diversity on a domestic and European level, counteracting intolerance and discrimination on all grounds, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia and hate speech related to the above.
● Raised awareness among the leadership of political parties, MEP candidates and media representatives about the need to support a strong EU agenda to combat racism, sexism, islamophobia, xenophobia, homophobia/transphobia and to uphold it in all relevant ways on a European and domestic political level.
● Widespread promotion of the Seven Key Equality Demands for the New European Parliament and of the Come Out Pledge on the Bulgarian political arena (4 MEP Candidates signed the ComeOut Pledge and one of them was elected afterwards).
● Several MEP candidates motivated to support the broad human rights, equality and non-discrimination agenda in the EU.