LGBTI rights


In 2018, the Council of Europe undertakes a review of the implementation of the Recommendation in the Member States, examining the changes resulting from its implementation that each country has implemented.

In parallel with the official review, non-governmental organizations were invited by the Council of Europe to carry out a parallel study and to produce a follow-up report.



  • Sending out letters to public authorities to inform about the monitoring process and methodology and invitation to meet and participate in the study.
  • Meetings with representatives of public authorities in order to provide additional information on the monitoring process.
  • Dissemination of a questionnaire developed by the Council of Europe addressing the implementation of the Recommendation to public authorities.
  • Collecting of completed questionnaires with official replies from public authorities.
  • Preparing a report and sending it to the Council of Europe.
  • Dissemination of the report and the recommendations included in it to improve the situation of LGBTI people in Bulgaria at national level; social media awareness campaign and final event



Bilitis Resource Center Foundation

GLAS Foundation

Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie

Soon the report will be available online.