An international partnership initiative of 10 European countries aimed at eliminating discrimination, homophobia and transphobia in European Union schools.

Aim: The main focus of the project was to introduce in schools and as part of the vocabulary of each student and teacher the terms human rights, equal treatment, sexual and gender diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination by encouraging students and teachers to become familiar with non-discrimination and equal treatment practices and addressing homosexual, bi- and transgender issues.
The main activities of the project included design, development and launch of 3 websites: one for each target group.
Each web site is specifically designed to meet the needs of one of the target groups: teachers, students and NGOs; and its content have been translated into the relevant national languages and adapted to the context of the participating countries.
Development of training modules that raise awareness of sexual and gender identities and form a non-discriminatory attitude towards them.
The modules can be implemented by all teachers at any appropriate time in the learning process as well as in extracurricular activities.

● Belgium: “ILGA-Europe”
● Bulgaria: „Bilitis”
● Denmark: „LGBT Denmark”
● Ireland:„GLEN”
● Spain: „FELGTB”
● Latvia: „Mozaika”
● Romania: „ACCEPT”
● Poland: „Campaign against Homophobia”
● Portugal: „ILGA-Portugal”
● Sweden: „RFSL”
The interactive teaching modules developed under the project were pilot tested in two schools in Sofia within one academic term and achieved a high level of acceptance and interest among students aged 14 and 18.
Four practitioners were pilot trained in the implementation of training modules. The training modules can be provided for free use by teachers in all subjects, as well as by school administrations, on request. Contact us for more information.

The project was funded by the European Commission.