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Sofia Pride Sport 2019

Sofia Pride Sports second edition will offer all sports enthusiasts a rich variety of sport events which will be organized in the timeframe of over one month! Follow us on Facebook for the latest news. 1. Women’s Tennis Tournament May 1, 12 a.m. – 4 p.m., Tennis Club 15:40 Sofia Pride Sports has the pleasure

Bilitis was one of the initiators of the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (when Stana Ilieva was a volunteer at Bilitis) in 2013 as a means of raising awareness on violence against women, and involving men as allies. This event attracted a number of partners, among which the Information Center of the European Parliament

„Bilitis resource center“ Foundation, „GLAS Bulgaria“ Foundation and youth LGBT organization „Deystvie“ are reaching out to all members of parliament not to be misled by false interpretations of the text of the so called „Istanbul convention“, made up by political parties and fundamentalist religious NGOs, that have blown up in the media in the last