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Рейнбал Хъб On 18th of December was held an informational meeting on the project Rainbow Hub, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism. The meeting was held at the Rainbow Hub community center in Sofia and was attended by all of the project partners, volunteers and people from the community, including participants
LGBTI community Fest

‘On the Table’ is a motion-verbatim ( a documentary-type storytelling based on real-life stories that are narrated with the aid of headphones attached to real-time actors)  which explores the experiences of representatives of  LGBTI + community, particularly to gay women and gay men. Director Constanza (in a creative duo with Daniel) starts working on similar

LGBTI community Fest

The opening of the Sofia LGBTI Community Fest took place on 09/12/2019 (Monday) on the second floor of the National Student House at around 6:30 pm, with a full hall and wine for HAPPY CELEBRATION – the festival is now over 15 years old, as is the Foundation Bilitis (the organizer of the festival), which

LGBTI community Fest

Monday, 9th of December National Students House   18:30 “15 Years of Queer Magic” opening/exhibition We will open Sofia LGBTI Community Fest by celebrating a double birthday! The Festival and the organization behind, Bilitis”, have their 15th anniversary this year! The exhibition “15 achievements for 15 years” will show the history of “Bilitis”, the oldest


Bilitis Resource Center Foundation together with the partnering organizations GLAS Foundation, Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie and Noema Ltd., is implementing project On the Brink of Acceptance: Fighting Discrimination by Strategizing and Empowerment for the LGBTI Community in Bulgaria (849015 — BrinkItOn — REC-AG-2018/REC-RDIS-DISC-AG-2018), funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020). The

Berlin Conference
On 30-31. October in Berlin was held an international LGBTI sports conference “Sports Disrupted: Sex_uality Matters”, organized by the football network for women Discover Football, in which Bilitis took part as a partner on the Erasmus+ project “Diverse Identities in Sport”. During the conference activists, athletes, sports politicians and social scientists discussed the effects of
ILGA Conference 2020 Sofia
The 23rd Annual ILGA-Europe Conference themed "Stronger Together" was held between October 23 and 26 in Prague. More than 600 activists from across Europe joined the conference, which is an agenda-setting moment for European LGBTI movements for next year. In keeping with tradition, at the official gala dinner at the end of the conference, the